Know Net 2 Key Features

Know Net 2 Operations
Our Focus
  • Knowledge Management
  • e-Learning, Training & Education
  • Performance Support
Our Mission
  • Generate significant cost, performance, capability and accountability improvements

Know Net 2: Flagship Site

Last Updated 03/30/2017

Welcome to Know Net 2

Know Net 2 Federal Edition offers a most unique, powerful and comprehensive knowledge management, e-learning and performance support solution for organizations and individuals.


The Know Net 2 Solution

  • available as knowledge repository or professional education curricula
  • on-demand online anywhere 24/7
  • integrated with Federal law, regulations, policy & guidance

  • option to integrate Federal Agency law, regulation, policy and guidance

  • pre-training performance support

  • professional education

  • in-depth courses

  • knowledge checks, pre-tests and final tests

  • post-training performance support

  • Continuing Education Units (CEU)/Continuous Learning Points (CLP)

  • Certificates

  • training and on-the-job support with Subscription

  • Agency Portal or Individual Subscription delivery

  • Access through secure registration.



















Whether used for on-the-job performance support as a knowledge repository or formal training and education delivered in a complete curriculum, Know Net 2 integrates "know why" with "know how" to "know now!"   

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